Criminal Defense

Forbes Law Offices offers aggressive criminal defense representation beginning with an honest straight-forward assessment of the client’s legal options. Our experienced attorneys have a reputation for their tough approach, and satisfactory results.

Our attorneys have spent the bulk of their careers in the courtroom, including tenures as a prosecutor building and trying criminal cases and as a judicial law clerk researching legal issues and drafting judicial opinions. We know how the government builds a case and we know how to tear it down.

We work aggressively to defend our clients, in many instances before charges are even filed. An aggressive defense can sometimes mean your case is rejected, dismissed or filed as a misdemeanor rather than a felony.

Knowing the strategies and tactics prosecutors employ allows us to establish all the ways in which we can secure a resolution. We can anticipate their plan before they carry it out. We can find the prosecution’s weakness and have the know-how to use it to our client’s advantage.

In the courtroom our attorneys are articulate, charismatic and commanding. If they are given the slightest opening from a prosecutor, they’ll drive a truck through it. They are intelligent, resourceful, tenacious, and ruthless cross examiners, while remaining completely dedicated to the welfare of the client. Their tough, determined lawyering has led juries to see the reasonableness of their arguments time and time again. As dazzling as they are as practitioners, it’s their human side – how much they care about the case – that creates the great results.

At Forbes Law Offices, you can be confident in the aggressive defense in all the criminal areas we cover, including:

  • felony crimes, which under the criminal justice system are considered serious offenses
  • misdemeanor crimes, which are not as serious as felony crimes but still capable of ruining your reputation and future;
  • white-collar crimes, such as fraud, embezzlement and corruption;
  • federal and state criminal charges;
  • drug crimes, including possession, manufacturing and the intent to sell;
  • violent crimes, such as murder, domestic violence, sexual assault, armed robbery and homicide;
  • DUI/DWI, including criminal proceedings and civil administrative license hearings;
  • theft crimes, such as petty larceny and burglary;
  • driving offense, such as speeding, reckless driving, and others;
  • other miscellaneous criminal charges.

If you are being questioned by law enforcement officials, have been arrested, or charged criminally, call Forbes Law Offices at 304-343-4050 to schedule a consultation to clearly explain your rights, your options and the consequences of your decisions.

In addition to our criminal defense practice, we also represent personal injury, workplace injury and wrongful death victims and their families.

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